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Content Marketing Services and Software to Meet Your Goals

To streamline and complement Influence & Co.’s process for content creation, we’ve developed custom content marketing software, ICo Core, that allows members of our team to better service our clients. We not only use this proprietary software to strengthen our processes internally, but we’re also giving clients who are utilizing our service offerings special access to this tool to enhance their experience. 

Account Strategist

Content Strategist


Content Creation Team

Each of our clients has a dedicated team of three individuals — an account strategist, a content strategist, and an editor — working on his or her account. Our team is here to help you strategize, create, polish, and publish every single piece of content.

Control Center

Content management and creation are at your fingertips. Within the ICo Core dashboard, you have the following capabilities:

  • Log in to ICo Core at any time to check the progress of your content.
  • Access a library of all of your published content and a knowledge bank that houses your knowledge and expertise that our team extracts, all in one central location.
  • Easily manage your team of internal contributors.
A Message From your Account Strategist:

Hey Joe! Here is your polished article, ready for your edits and approval. Read this over and make any changes that you would like. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this post.

Content Creation and Collaboration

Our software makes our tried-and-true process of knowledge extraction even more efficient for you and your dedicated pod, allowing you to:

  • Easily answer Q&As to extract your knowledge.
  • Edit and approve your content with our customized content editor.


Analyzing and keeping track of your published content’s key metrics is a critical step in determining success and seeing ROI. Our software enables you to:

  • Measure how your content is performing.
  • See your social reach and which followers, influencers, and others in your network are sharing your content.
A Message From your Account Strategist:

Hey Melissa! Here is your next article opportunity for the pubilcation, Entrepreneur. I think that this topic is a great way for you to further your authority based on your goals. Let me know your thoughts.

Strategy and Campaigns

By having access to this software, you’ll be able to collaborate with your pod and develop strategic content marketing campaigns that accomplish your goals and track our team’s progress.

Public Profiles

The published content our clients create is building their company brands and their personal brands. We’ve created Public Profiles, a shareable custom content marketing profile for each expert showcasing all of his or her published content.

Request A Demo

To better understand how our complementary software can help you accomplish and streamline your content marketing efforts, request a demo here.