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Influence & Co.'s Process for Content Creationblog_2

When it comes to creating content, every marketer and her mother has a different method she prefers. Some people like to block off chunks of time devoted to getting their thoughts on paper. Some of us are early risers who use mornings to tap into our creativity before it’s spent on other projects throughout the day, and some of us are night owls who thrive when the world is quiet and our thoughts are uninterrupted. Some of us edit while we write, and others take some time between the creation and refinement of an article to let it sit.

Whatever way (or combination of ways) you prefer to create content, one thing will remain the same: Creating engaging, high-quality content for your audience is not a one-person operation. (If you find someone who can handle the entire process herself — from strategy and concept ideation to creation, editing, and distribution — then you may have found an actual superhero.)

After a few pieces of content, chances are good that your supply of creativity will run low. Your content becomes less engaging. Mistakes become easier and easier to miss. Devoting enough time to comprehensive strategy development and effective distribution is actually impossible, and your content efforts burn out before they even really take off. 

The content creation process is best left in the hands of a whole team of folks with specialized skill sets who can focus on exactly what they excel at rather than spread themselves (and their resources) too thin.

The Essential Members of a Content Creation Team

Every content marketing strategy requires a skilled team to execute it, and while companies with larger budgets might add a few players to their line-ups, content teams generally rely on three critical roles: a content strategist, an editor, and a distribution specialist.

This video, featuring Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.’s president and co-founder, explains those roles and how they benefit your content strategy and creation:
Much like you wouldn’t cook an elaborate meal for the first time without a recipe to guide you, you wouldn’t create a piece of content without a content strategy. You need a strategist to think creatively about (and document!) how your unique ideas and experiences align with your business goals — and how content can bring them together to drive real results. 

Your editor, then, needs to be able to take that content and shape it into an article that pleases search engines and compels your audience of potential customers and partners to engage with your brand online. He’s the one who focuses on the fine details of each piece to keep it clean, free of careless mistakes that can hurt your brand, and keyword-optimized for search. 

Once a piece of content is completed, it’s time for the distribution specialist to work her magic. This person is responsible for keeping your content from collecting digital dust. She’s maximizing your content, sharing it on social media platforms, engaging with online communities, delivering it directly to your target audience, and planning and testing new ways to optimize your work to reach your readers.

The Influence & Co. Approach to Content Creation

These three roles — the strategist, the editor, and the distribution specialist — are the bare bones of a content team. Without any one of them, your efforts will struggle. But introduce more of the right members to the content creation team (and pair them all with the right tools and technology), and scaling becomes easier.

The content creation teams at Influence & Co. fill the same essential roles that an effective content creation team needs, plus a few more. We’ve built a strong network of freelance writers and designers whom our editors work with to create content. Our final edits team offers a second set of professional review before any article is sent for publication, and our more than 1,200 publication relationships mean that our thought leaders’ content is distributed to highly targeted audiences upon publication. 

Each of our client service and editorial teams, called pods, includes three experts responsible for different areas of the process. 

Account strategists are our clients’ main point of contact. They often act as project managers for the content creation process and oversee communication and collaboration with thought leaders.

Content strategists are responsible for exactly what you think: the strategy that drives our thought leaders’ content. Working with her pod and her clients, the content strategist develops ideas for content, targets publications, and plays an important role in the knowledge extraction process for each thought leader.

Editors work with our community of experienced freelance writers, designers, and content creators to turn the expertise pulled from their clients’ knowledge extraction processes into engaging, high-quality content in their voice. They play an integral role in shaping and refining articles to achieve the goals outlined in the content strategy.

These pods of account strategists, content strategists, and editors leverage our custom content marketing software to manage each piece of content. The software houses strategy information, desired keywords, external research, extracted knowledge, and more that our pods use to drive our clients’ strategies forward and achieve real results. Together, they work with a few other key players in the company to strengthen the content creation process.

Our team of final editors runs a fine-toothed comb through each and every piece of content we create for clients. They ensure the content we create for clients is polished, strong, and free of mistakes.

The publication department manages relationships with more than 1,200 online publications. Each publication strategist oversees a select group of media outlets, divided by industry, and works closely with our pods to ensure our content aligns with the guidelines established by those publications and increases its chances of acceptance. 

Through this content creation process, our clients’ teams can ensure that each piece of content conveys their expertise, speaks to their audience, and fits within their content strategy. Our meticulous editorial assembly line is vital to our content creation process and to preserving the relationships we maintain with more than 1,200 online publications and a growing list of PR partners that help our clients get in front of their target audience.

To learn more about Influence & Co.’s relationships with more than 1,200 publications and our agency’s content distribution practices, check out our "Content Distribution" page. Or check out our "Knowledge Extraction" page to learn about our process for leveraging your company's subject matter experts to create content. Ready to talk business? Contact us