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Influence & Co.'s Process for Content Creationblog_2

Using your knowledge, we’ll create engaging content that shares your unique story. Our collaborative process makes it easy to produce the content that accomplishes your company’s goals.

This is when the magic happens.

Crafting the perfect piece of content that is properly structured, maintains consistent flow, and engages the reader throughout is no easy task when you’re busy running an entire team or company. 

Our passion lies in helping company leaders share their unique expertise with the world, engage a niche audience, and achieve their business goals. That’s why our highly skilled writers have been trained to do just that.

Once we’ve successfully created a content strategy with your goals in mind and extracted your valuable knowledge, it’s ready to be carefully constructed.

Your Content Creation Team

The Influence & Co. Content Creation Process

  1. You answer questions for the discussed article topic.
  2. Our senior editor reviews the answer set.
  3. Once approved, the answer set is sent to a dedicated writer with your client profile for tone/style preferences.
  4. The first draft is sent for an initial edit.
  5. The edited draft is sent to you for approval and feedback.
  6. Your reviewed piece is sent for a Round 1 edit (unless only minor changes are made).
  7. Your account strategist gets your approval before sending the article for a final edit.
  8. The article is sent for a final edit, then sent to the publication strategist.
  9. The publication strategist sends the article to the discussed publication.
  10. The article is published.

Through our seamless process, your content strategy team ensures that each piece of content conveys your level of expertise and that it aligns with the target audience you’re trying to reach. Our meticulous editorial assembly line is a vital component of our publication relationships. Editors understand the effort we put toward presenting a perfectly polished piece of content every time. 

Brittany Dowell

Brittany Dowell

VP of Content

“The talented and experienced Influence & Co. editorial team works tirelessly to achieve your business goals by combining our unique knack for quality content creation with your expertise. You’ll have numerous expert editors in your corner, ensuring that every single word is compelling, effective, and on-strategy to reach and resonate with your exact target audience. This is our passion; we’re all content nerds here, and we’re eager to help create engaging and authentic content that tells your story.”


To discover how we work to get your content published using one of our 800+ publication relationships, check out our Distribution page.