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Pricing and Services Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign on to work with Influence & Co., you unlock access to a team of content marketing experts who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your marketing ambitions. Your dedicated account team is made up of an account strategist, a content strategist, and two editors, and depending on your package, you also have access to our media relations team, our digital marketing team, and our designers.

Have questions about what it costs to work with Influence & Co. and how we determine our content marketing pricing? Read our answers to some commonly asked questions below:


How do you price your services?

The payment structure for Influence & Co.'s content marketing services is a monthly fee. We do not use billable hours. The monthly fee is calculated based on the scope of work over the course of a year. We take into consideration the standard amount of time that will be needed throughout the consulting, content creation, and publishing processes to provide high-quality customer service and output.

Do you offer pay-for-performance plans?

No. A lot of work is done upfront by our team to create and publish your content deliverables established in our agreement. As long as you are responsive and meeting deadlines, we will complete all deliverables as mapped out in the agreement.

If your agreement includes off-site content, such as press mentions or guest-contributed articles, we will work to make sure these are completed and pitched to the publication before the end of the term. But due to differing publishing timelines, we cannot guarantee all of these deliverables will publish during the original term.

What is included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee covers all aspects of our services:

Can I pay for a trial before signing a yearlong commitment?

No. Our clients see the most success when they know that content marketing can aid their business goals and that they need our help to extend their team's efforts. We can explore our content audit service to see whether that would be a fit before we dive into a yearlong package.

To learn more about our agreements, click here.

What can I expect in the first 30 days?

We utilize the first 30 days of our partnership to lay a strong foundation for our partnership. To learn more about what that looks like, take a look at this page.


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I have a one-time project. Can you help me with this?

Influence & Co. can execute one-time projects. A one-time project could be a gated asset, a long-form piece of on-site content, or a content audit. One-time projects will be priced 30% higher than our standard fees due to the additional time investment required to complete the project without a long-term partnership.

We do not work with organizations to complete single guest-contributed articles or to pitch a written article to a publication on their behalf.

Why is reporting included in all packages?

Quarterly reporting is a key component of our quarterly strategy calls. We see a direct correlation between our clients' business results and tracking key performance indicators. Without reporting, our clients can't see measurable results to validate their spend and show the impact content marketing has on their business. With reporting, Influence & Co. is guaranteed access to clients' site analytics so we can make smart content decisions based on data.

Can I see a sample package?

While all of our packages are customized based on the specific goals our clients are looking to achieve, we've established baseline packages for the three most common goals clients come to us to work toward.



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If we have a writer in-house, do we need all four of your account team members?

Our account teams are a package deal. Each role brings a unique skill set to the process and partnership. We regularly work with organizations that have in-house writers, editors, and content strategists and see better results with them involved.

How will you learn our company's tone and voice along with the unique tone and voice of each subject matter expert?

We have a team of writers with a wide range of expertise. However, the editor and managing editor dedicated to your account really make all the difference when it comes to your tone and voice. As we begin content creation and start to get your feedback on drafts, especially in the first quarter of our relationship, your editors will be soaking up and recording this feedback to ensure it is implemented in all of your content moving forward. These two editors will touch every piece of your content, and by keeping this part of the process consistent, we are able to learn and adapt quickly and maintain quality for the long term.

Set up a consultation with one of our content marketing experts to get answers to any lingering questions and to discuss how our content marketing services can help your company reach its goals.

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