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Influence & Co.’s Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your client expectations?

At Influence & Co., we have a duty to create a safe and inclusive environment for all. As our future client, that includes you as well. Before we kick off our engagement, we require all new clients to review the components of our company handbook that we expect all employees, clients, vendors, and partners to abide by. You can review the policies here. If you have any questions, your Influence & Co. point of contact would be happy to discuss this in more detail.

What is your standard term?

All of our contracts are a minimum of 12 months. Based on your goals, we may need a longer term to ensure enough time to achieve them. Content marketing has a long-term impact, and we need to make sure there is enough time to create the strategy, develop the content, publish the content, and analyze its performance.


When will my invoices be due?

Your first invoice will be sent on the first day of the term and then monthly from there. Each invoice will be due no later than 30 days after the invoice’s issue date. Your term begins 10 business days after both parties have signed the agreement.


Why is my termination timeline after the “next invoice”?

We want to provide flexibility to our clients and offer them an exit opportunity if our partnership is not leading to success.

Because content marketing is a long-term strategy, we have a minimum partnership commitment. Once that minimum time frame (i.e., our first year together) has passed, you may give written notice to end the partnership. Our partnership will conclude 30 days after your next invoice date.


Why does my contract include a fee for travel?

For a full-funnel content marketing strategy and/or packages with a high volume of content, we require a onetime fee of $3,000. We invoice for this fee at the beginning of the term and will use it to enable your account team to travel to meet you in person during the first term. When we are working on a full-funnel strategy and a high volume of content, we’ve seen increased success from having in-person time to strategize.

The visit is most effective when it takes place between the third and fourth month of our partnership.


Is there an option to pause our contract during the term?

Yes; we understand there may be an instance during our 12-month agreement where you need to pause the relationship. However, we discourage this unless absolutely necessary. A content strategy gains momentum over time, and when we pause, we halt that momentum.

If you choose to pause, you will be charged a $1,000 monthly fee for a maximum of 3 months during the term. The fee reserves capacity with your account team at Influence & Co. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you will be working with the same account team when you return from a pause.


Who owns the content we create together?

You retain the rights to the intellectual property within each piece of content. If the content is published on an outside publication, the publication owns the content in the exact form in which it was published. Influence & Co. does not claim ownership of any of the content we create together.


How serious is the publication relationship solicitation clause?

Among the benefits Influence & Co. brings to a partnership are our knowledge, our experience, and our relationships with publication editors. We will not share email addresses or names of editors with our clients. However, we are aware of the ever-changing media landscape and have no intention of cutting off any earned media efforts your employees, partners, or other agencies are engaging in. Those relationships are yours to nurture and maintain.


How can I see the most value from my relationship with Influence & Co.?

We see the most success when clients view us as an extension of their marketing team because this is truly a partnership in content. A successful content strategy is fueled by unique insights and expertise, which only your team can provide. By engaging regularly in our interview process and providing open and transparent feedback throughout the relationship, especially in the first 3 months, we can build a seamless process that saves your team time while still allowing us to execute on an impactful content strategy that reaches your goals.