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Strengthen Your Sales Process Through Content Marketing

Why You Need Content to Optimize the Sales Process

Content plays a powerful role in helping your company turn qualified leads into customers. You can use content to educate and engage leads, nurture them, and address their questions and sales objections. This approach positions your organization as a helpful partner rather than simply a transactional company and primes your qualified leads to become your best customers.

Build Credibility. Image contents: A triangle divided into three sections with an arrow pointing up.
Build Credibility
Content published in reputable publications your audience reads (guest posts and press mentions) showcase your company's expertise in your field. Armed with this content, your sales team can approach sales conversations confidently and use that third-party validation to build trust with prospects. And when salespeople have bylines to showcase their own personal expertise, that only strengthens their credibility more.
Nurture and Engage. Image contents: Outline of a hand holding a growing plant. Sprouting from the plant is a paper document representing content.
Nurture and Engage
Both externally published content and on-site content (such as blog posts, whitepapers, and infographics) can be sent to individual leads via email or added to an email drip campaign to nurture prospects and educate them as they work their way through the sales funnel. Plus, consistently publishing content gives your salespeople more opportunities to reach out and reengage leads, keeping your company and its solutions top of mind.
Address Sales Objections. Image contents: An outline of a person standing next to two speech bubbles.
Address Sales Objections
Objections come up in every sales call. While a conversation with prospects can help alleviate their concerns, sales enablement content that addresses those objections can be a powerful tool to move them toward the purchase stage. Content can cover the issue in more depth, and breaking up the issue into a digestible form, such as an infographic, can illustrate the concept in a more digestible way.

Our foundational sales enablement packages

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How We Help You Get Results

Depending on your needs, we’ll create a custom package that will help your company equip the sales team with sales enablement content. The following deliverables are components of a sales enablement package:

Owned Media and Custom Projects. Image contents: Illustration of a computer with a speech bubble and a paper document coming out of the screen. A magnifying glass, a light bulb, and an image icon are above.
Owned Media and Custom
Keyword Research and Technical Website Audits. Image contents: Illustration of a computer with a search bar, a paper document, and a magnifying glass coming out of the screen. A gear icon and a geo-pin are above.
Keyword Research and
Technical Website Audits

Leverage Your Company’s Knowledge

Your company is filled with industry experts. It's our job to help you turn their expertise into content that builds trust with leads and converts them into customers. We do this by helping you identify key subject matter experts within your company and using our proven knowledge-sharing process to gather their unique insights. From there, we help you create engaging, relevant content that speaks to your target audience and positions your company as the solution for your leads' pain points.

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KPIs We'll Use to Measure Sales Enablement Success

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Sales Cycle Length. Image contents: An outline of a person with a circular arrow around it.
Sales Cycle
Time to First Call. Image contents: Illustration of a clock.
Time to
First Call

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"We’ve been nothing but impressed with our experience thus far with Influence & Co. Their approach and especially our account team have been remarkable. They have made us think differently and more holistically about our digital and content strategies. In a short time they’ve become the standard to which we compare and evaluate other future partners.”
Amy Glass Director of Marketing and Communications at CTG

Your ICo. Team

Each of our clients is paired with a dedicated account team that will help you generate content marketing results by strategizing, creating, and publishing content.

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Your account team is supported by several other content marketing experts, including SEO specialists, directors of account services, graphic designers, publication and PR strategists, and writers, solidifying Influence & Co. as a powerful extension of your marketing team.

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