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The Knowledge Bank Resource Library

Become a better content marketer with our library of free content available for download.



Create the Right Content to Become a Thought Leader

The Ultimate Guide To Thought Leadership

Achieving true thought leader status means investing in efforts to position yourself and your company as solid and reliable resources for your audience and industry. High-quality content is essential to making this happen. This guide will dive into what kinds of content you need to create in order to become an authentic thought leader.

Fuel Your Marketing With Data Driven Insights

The State of Digital Media 2018

Discover what editors are looking for in the guest posts they publish. This report offers more than 15 pages of data-driven insights from editors at leading publications, as well as an analysis of more than 3.5 million pieces of content, to help you fuel your content strategy.

Create a Strategy That Drives Results

Interactive Content Strategy Checklist

The most successful content marketers use a documented strategy to guide their efforts. This interactive checklist will help you create and document a strategy that aligns your team, defines your process, and drives your unique business goals.

Maximize the Reach and Value of Your Content

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Content Distribution

Don't let distribution become an afterthought. Engage your audience and get the most out of each piece of content you create by leveraging the innovative content distribution tactics in this guide.

Unleash Your Influence and Engage Your Audience

"Top of Mind" Free Chapter Preview

"Top of Mind" is the bestselling business and marketing book by Influence & Co. CEO John Hall. Get a free chapter preview of "Top of Mind," plus a custom worksheet that will help you begin using content to become top of mind with the audiences that matter most to you.

Discover what editors are looking for

The State of Contributed Content: Your Guide to Getting Published

Discover what editors are looking for from guest contributors. This whitepaper explores the current state of the publishing industry, pulling data from Influence & Co.’s exclusive Editor Survey.

Showcase your industry expertise

8 Steps to Thought Leadership Through Content Marketing

The process of becoming a thought leader is achieved through the execution of a purposeful, long-term strategy. The “8 Steps to Thought Leadership Through Content Marketing” whitepaper is designed to help you start your journey to thought leadership today.

Drive content marketing ROI

Time to Flip the Mattress: How Leggett & Platt Reinvented the Bedding Industry

Learn how adopting a strategic thought leadership approach to your marketing can drive ROI and position your company as an industry leader.

Implement a content marketing strategy

The Insider’s Guide to Tackling Content Marketing Like a Pro

Implementing content marketing can seem daunting, but with the right strategy and management tactics prepared beforehand, it can be a seamless process. “The Insider’s Guide to Tackling Content Marketing Like a Pro” will guide you to become the best content marketer you can be (and impress your team in the meantime).

Generate leads through content marketing

The Science Behind Generating 100+ Leads From One Piece of Content

Generating leads from content is a tough code to crack. But “The Science Behind Getting 100+ Leads From One Piece of Content” will reveal the powerful ingredients necessary to generate leads and craft the perfect piece of content.

Get published online

Prep, Pitch, and Win: Your Guide to Getting Published Online

This whitepaper is your step-by-step guide to impressing editors and getting published on the right online publication.

106 terms you need to know

The Content Marketing Dictionary: 106 Terms You Need to Know

Industry terms in content and digital marketing can be confusing, which is why we created “The Content Marketing Dictionary: 106 Terms You Need to Know.” We want you to be well-equipped to tackle any marketing task (or conversation).

Execute Content Marketing Successfully

The 4-Step Guide to Exceptional Content Marketing

Content marketing involves a lot of moving parts, so we simplified the process and distilled what you need into a four-step guide. Ensure your efforts actually help establish trust, build awareness, and generate the returns you need with this guide.


Streamline your content creation

Knowledge Management Template

The Knowledge Management Template is a customizable tool to store important information about your company, its key leaders, and your customers. From the company’s origins to its customer pain points and press releases, this template will help you organize every detail necessary to save you time when creating content, both internally and externally.

Promote your content

Editorial Calendar and Content Promotion Template

The Editorial Calendar and Content Promotion Template is a customizable tool to store important information about the content you’re creating and sharing. From general content campaigns to LinkedIn repurposing, this template will help you organize your distribution efforts to save time when planning and sharing content.

Customizable Analytics Report Template

Measure Your Content ROI

What good is content if you aren't measuring its efforts? This template helps indicate which key metrics you should be keeping track of, makes data input easy, and will help your team decipher which content is helping you achieve your goals.

Maximize Your Published Content

Content Maximization Checklist

Don't let your content efforts fall flat by not facilitating a distribution plan. Get the most out of your content and see more engagement with our maximization checklist.