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Content and Digital Marketing Services

Influence & Co. is uniquely equipped to handle a company’s full digital marketing strategy. We’re able to make the biggest impact for companies that are looking to:

• Position their organization as a thought leader in its industry.

• Improve organic search rankings.

• Convert passive website visitors into marketing leads.

At Influence & Co., we’ve seen clients succeed by using the following tactics to create a robust digital marketing strategy that accomplishes their sales and marketing goals.

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Our Marketing Services

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Blog Posts
These search-optimized articles are up to 1,000 words and offer unique insights on a specific topic from your subject matter experts. Blog posts are published on your company blog, and they work toward SEO, thought leadership, lead generation, and sales enablement goals. 
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Case Studies
These designed one- to two-page analyses of work your company has completed for customers highlight the processes and successes of your partnership. 
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Content Audits
Our digital marketing team dives deep into your website structure and on-site content to review performance, suggest improvements, and present new ideas for your content strategy. 
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Content Management System Services
Influence & Co. publishes your blog content to your content management system with our “final mile” services. Social media posts are also written and scheduled to promote the finished piece.
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Email Marketing
We can help you use email marketing to nurture and convert leads, primarily through email drip campaigns and newsletters. Email drip campaigns are a series of emails that automatically follow up with leads after they download an offer on your website. Newsletters are designed emails delivered regularly to your audience’s inbox. Influence & Co. has MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot capabilities.
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Guest Posts
These search-optimized articles offer unique insights from your subject matter experts that are published in publications your audience reads. 
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Keyword Research
We perform an audit of the keywords your website is currently ranking for, keyword opportunities your company should pursue, and keywords your competition ranks for. 
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Pillar Blog Posts
Essential to an SEO strategy, these in-depth foundational blog posts are optimized for search and cover all aspects of a topic on a single page of your website.
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Press Retainer
Dedicated hours from Influence & Co.’s media relations team are spent strategizing and pitching your company’s subject matter experts’ unique insights and company news in order to gain press coverage.  
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Press Releases
These official statements — typically no more than two pages — communicate specific information about an event, circumstance, product launch, etc. These are typically sent out through a wire service. Influence & Co. may also use these in pitches to media contacts.
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Quarterly Analytics and SEO Reporting
To communicate the impact of your content strategy, Influence & Co. provides a quarterly analytics report for your website, along with an SEO report that includes keyword rankings and domain information. Reporting also includes recommendations for how to modify your content strategy to have the biggest impact on your goals based on the results we’re seeing. Quarterly reporting is a required component of our work with clients.
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Social Media Management
Influence & Co. can provide written copy for social media posts for each piece of content we create together that you can use to promote your content across your preferred social media platforms. We are also equipped to offer management of your social media accounts, including posting updates and engaging with your audience on your behalf.
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Technical Website Audits
These audits of the back end of your website can ensure your content has the chance to be found successfully by search engines.
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Also called e-books or guides, whitepapers are in-depth pieces of content that are delivered as designed PDFs. When published, whitepapers are typically housed behind a contact form and can be downloaded in exchange for personal information, such as an email address. These are a great tool for lead generation.
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Landing Pages
These designated pages on your website encourage visitors to download gated content and capture leads’ information.
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Paid Social Media
We can tap into the power of paid ads on social media to get your business in front of a wider, yet targeted, audience and encourage them to engage with your brand.
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Local SEO
Let our SEO experts help you position your business in front of your target audience in local search results.
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Link Building
Our link building services can help you earn high-quality backlinks to your website, which can help improve your position on search engine results pages.
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Enterprise-Level SEO
With our enterprise SEO services, your large organization can improve its presence in organic search results, as well as its revenue.
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Search Engine Marketing
Maximize your SEO results by pairing your organic efforts with paid advertising.
Blue icon of an outline of a web browser, a cursor, and a dollar sign with a circle around it
Our PPC services can help you drive more traffic to your website and fuel your lead generation efforts.
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Geofencing uses radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to trigger a marketing action when someone’s device is detected entering or exiting a virtual geographic boundary. For example, a cosmetics store might use geofencing to send an app notification to a person’s device offering a discount as they walk by.
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Our team of experts can help you amplify your results by using software to buy digital advertising.
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Influencer Marketing
We can help you tap into the power of partnering with the right influencers to promote your products and services.
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Reach your audience and provide an engaging experience through high-quality videos.
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Graphic Design
Use visual elements to amplify the effectiveness of your content and further engage your audience.
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Conversion Rate Optimization
With our conversion rate optimization services, you can increase the number of users who act on your calls to action.
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CMS Integration and Migration
Our team can help you integrate a content management system or even migrate your content from one CMS to another.
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UI and UX Optimization
Ensure your users are having the best experience possible with our UI and UX optimization services.
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E-Commerce Integration
Our e-commerce integration services can help you effectively sell your products directly on your website.
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Responsive Website Design
Most people do the majority of their online activities on mobile. Make sure your website looks good and works properly across all devices with responsive website design.
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Website Optimization
Our team can help you optimize the effectiveness of your website and make improvements based on overall website performance.
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Amazon Marketing
Our team can help you with the full spectrum of Amazon marketing services, including new item setup, listing optimization, brand page optimization, A+ content, launch strategies, channel clean-up, buy-box monitoring, inventory forecasting, catalog clean-up and management, strategic planning, freight and damage allowances, terms negotiation, reporting, management review, staff education and consulting, and more.

In your first 30 days, Influence & Co. will document the content creation plan for our partnership.

Custom Digital Marketing Technology

We have developed proprietary software to streamline and enhance your experience with us. Our content marketing services and SEO tech enable us to collaboratively work toward your digital marketing goals, give you insight into your results, and ensure you’re always in the loop about how your company’s strategy is progressing.



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