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Content That
Accomplishes Your Goals

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At Influence & Co., we know that great content marketing not only helps companies convey their expertise through the written word, but it can also accomplish a wide range of goals. Whether those goals involve lead generation, talent acquisition, or brand awareness, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Knowledge Extraction

We make content creation enjoyable and less time-consuming, enabling us to create more exceptional content that’s coming from you, the expert.

Content Creation

Using your knowledge, we’ll create engaging content that shares your unique story. Our collaborative process makes it easy to produce the content that accomplishes your company’s goals.


We help you publish your content to ensure that it gets in front of the right audience, whether that’s through online publications or on your company blog. In addition, our team will help you analyze and measure your results.

Our Service Offerings

Positioning you as an industry influencer is at the heart of what we do. We work with you to create and develop articles that are fueled by your expertise and publish them in online publications that reach your target audience.
Executive Branding
Content Marketing Strategy
Influence & Co. operates as an extension of your team to create and implement a content marketing strategy to showcase your company's expertise and industry leadership, drive website traffic and engagement, and convert visitors into leads for your organization.
We help you strategize, research, and create a premium piece of content — such as a whitepaper, an e-book, or an infographic — that aligns with your overall content strategy.
Content Projects
Download your roadmap to creating, managing, and distributing content.Download

How We Accomplish Your Goals


We’ve developed a proven method for quickly and accurately extracting expertise. Our process is designed to save you time while creating high-quality content that’s engaging and authentic.


Our entire team stands behind your content, making Influence & Co. your very own publishing department. With backgrounds ranging from top journalism programs to tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, we tackle the world of thought leadership and content marketing from all angles. Your designated account strategist will work with our team of writers, editors, and publication specialists to deliver essential content that accomplishes your team’s specific business goals.


We work with senior and managing editors at more than 1200 publications, ranging from Inc. and The Washington Post to CMO.com and WIRED. We find success even with very niche industries due to our publication team’s high success rate at forming new relationships.


We have custom proprietary software, ICo Core, that streamlines and enhances our processes. We pair our people with the innovative tools to do their jobs better. We not only use software to streamline our process for content creation and knowledge management, but we also give clients special access to this tool to enhance their experience with our services.

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