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Job Opportunities

We hire smart, independent thinkers, and we empower them to make their own decisions. We value freedom and autonomy, and we strongly believe that results are more important than face time. Our quarterly Professional Development Days ensure every person in the company is aware of each facet of the business and continually growing their skill set.

Our Core Values

At Influence & Co., our core values form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves every day.

Treat other w trust + respect

Treat Others
With Respect

Respect is key to all relationships, including those with the folks you spend your workweek with. So this value is the foundation of our business and our company culture. 

Create an autonomous yet supportive environment

Create an Autonomous
yet Supportive Environment

We provide our employees with the resources, tools, and support they need to be successful. We empower employees to have ownership over their roles while also offering plenty of support.

Evolve to deliver more value

Evolve to Deliver
More Value

Since Influence & Co. was founded in 2011, we’ve expanded our service lines and the overall value we can provide for our clients. We don’t see this trend stopping, either!

Our Benefits

We know that you have a lot of factors to consider when you're looking to join a new company. Beyond just the salary, there are numerous benefits that contribute to your overall compensation package. To help you weigh your options, you can find a breakdown of our compensation package here.


Take It From Us

"Influence & Co.'s biggest strength is the people who work here. Every day, I can have meaningful conversations with my co-workers, whether they're about the content we're creating, how we collaborate, or what's happening outside of work. Everyone truly cares about who they work with here, and you can see it in our daily interactions. You’ll see co-workers alongside managers encouraging a life-work balance for their colleagues, and they’ll both celebrate the time you take for yourself and genuinely offer their support when things get crazy. I’m proud to work for a company where this level of teamwork is baked into our culture."

Meagan Nolte Headshot


Senior Publication Strategist

"When I leave for home after a day at Influence & Co., I’m guaranteed two things: I challenged myself mentally and creatively, and I had a really good time doing it. Those are two rewarding feelings to have."

Josh Mosley Headshot


Senior Editor

"I could write sonnets about the supportive environment, the humble and inspiring leadership, and the community that make Influence & Co. the only place I want to work. I'm eternally grateful for a role that tests and utilizes my skills and a boss who both acknowledges my accomplishments and challenges me to grow as our industry evolves. This job allows me to learn consistently, develop professionally and personally, and work under leadership I trust wholeheartedly."

Brittni Kinney Ratliff Headshot


Vice President

"Knowing I would be able to retire from state government at a fairly young age, I was always thinking about my second act. In my mind, my next venture had to be creative, enriching, flexible, and fun. When I read about Influence & Co. in the St. Louis Business Journal, I couldn’t believe this content powerhouse was based in mid-Missouri. It’s been a blast working with clients and learning about their businesses and industries — not to mention working with the amazing people at ICo. It’s truly been a dream come true!"

Susan Goedde Headshot


Content Strategist

"I sought ICo. because I wanted to find work that was more satisfying for me. And in the time that I've been working here, I've certainly had plenty of opportunities to stretch and grow as a creative person. But I didn't realize at the time of my interview just how much I needed a culture like what ICo. was offering — one where leadership was so interested in the humanity and well-being of its people. That had never been modeled or demonstrated to me in any previous work experience. Working for ICo. has taught me a lot about the kind of thoughtfulness and compassion any employer should show its employees. I feel really grateful to have found that so early in my career."

Jasmine Serrano Headshot


Content Strategist

"Influence & Co. is the first company I've worked for where I’ve felt comfortable sharing all aspects of myself. Coming out at work can be a challenge, even when a company checks all of the "inclusivity boxes" such as having a non-discrimination policy or having benefits that don’t discriminate against LGBTQ individuals. Starting on my first day, not only did I feel welcomed and included, but I also immediately became a part of the Influence & Co. family. I am incredibly proud to be a part of an organization that has been inclusive and accepting from day one and that welcomes open dialogue and honest feedback, offers diversity and inclusion training, and truly loves and cares about all employees."

Sarah Hopfinger Headshot


Account Strategist

"For years, I heard about the amazing culture at Influence & Co., and I was not disappointed once I became a part of the ICo. family. This is an organization that truly cares about its people, both professionally and personally. Even in the face of something as drastic as a global pandemic, our leadership was committed to remaining transparent and adapting quickly to change to make sure everyone was taken care of. We were able to continue providing value for our clients and maintaining a supportive and autonomous work environment, all while adjusting to the “new normal.” I love that we get to work with clients in a variety of industries and do it alongside some of the greatest people!"



Account Strategist

    Available Positions


    If you do not see a position that aligns with your expertise, you are welcome to submit your résumé to our general application portal at any time. To do so, please email your information to influence-and-co@jobs.workablemail.com.