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Meet the Team Behind Your Content

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs, writers, and content junkies who love what we do. With backgrounds ranging from journalism to tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, we tackle the world of thought leadership and content marketing from all angles.
Photo of Kelsey Raymond
I love reading, learning, golf, orange Gatorade, and, most importantly, our amazing Influence & Co. team.

Kelsey Raymond

Co-founder, CEO
Photo of Alyssa Patzius
My goal is to create an amazing experience for our clients from their very first interaction with our brand. My happy place is anywhere with good wine and cheese.

Alyssa Patzius

Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Jennifer Faddis
I'm a hopeless bookworm seeking to satisfy my inquisitive nature. I adore my family, coffee, and watching a thunderstorm roll in.

Jennifer Faddis

Vice President of Account Services
Photo of Courtney Mudd
I love the diversity of my career. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, which enable me to constantly learn and grow as a professional.

Courtney Mudd

Director of Human Resources
Photo of Tony Patrick
I'm passionate about digital marketing, particularly SEO. I enjoy sports, traveling, Lake of the Ozarks, spending time with family and friends, and whatever else life throws my way.

Tony Patrick

Director of Digital Marketing
Photo of Jose Rodriguez
I am a bilingual accountant and soccer fan who enjoys movies, Netflix, warm weather, running, black coffee, hanging out with friends, and being a family man!

Jose Rodriguez

Director of Financial Operations
Photo of Becky Ruyle
I am a wife and mom to two beautiful girls, and I am a big Missouri sports fan and lover of sushi. I have a passion for using marketing to educate, tell stories, and drive business results.

Becky Ruyle

Vice President of Marketing

Account Services

Your account strategist is the lead on your account; he or she is in charge of creating and implementing your content strategy and is your dedicated point of contact throughout our process (as well as your new best friend). Your content strategist is the master of your content. He or she works to ensure that your content is engaging and effective.

Photo of Alexa Hartwig
I love traveling to new places and buying new shoes. I also love meeting new people — if you do, too, let's grab a time to connect and chat about content!

Alexa Hartwig

Director of Account Services
Photo of Matt Patston
Like everyone else here, I love to read, but I also love to watch bad horror movies and tweet about Colorado Rockies baseball. Proud wiener dog owner.

Matt Patston

Director of Account Services
Photo of Joanie Zinser
I find joy in leaving things better than I found them and helping people reach their goals. You can count on me to always have some sort of beverage on hand and not leave a meeting without a next step.

Joanie Zinser

Director of Account Services
Photo of Katie Doherty
Former journalist, word nerd, and voracious consumer of creative nonfiction. I like my takes hot, my Cheetos flamin’, and my coffee cold-brewed.

Katie Doherty

Managing Editor
Photo of Ryan Gauthier
I’m a technology nerd and recovering newspaperman who values punctuality, creativity, and brevity. I also make a wicked Key lime pie.

Ryan Gauthier

Managing Editor
Photo of Diane McGraw
Things I like: SpongeBob memes, Roxane Gay’s Twitter zingers, punk rock, spell-check, Lizzo’s flute, feminist literature. Things I like less: being woken up in the middle of the night by my cats eating plastic in the other room, seeing wasps, accidentally killing houseplants.

Diane McGraw

Managing Editor
Photo of Marlee Ellison
I have a passion for words and organizing, which landed me where I am today. When I'm not rearranging sentences or poring through style guides, you'll probably find me fermenting random things, trying new restaurants or recipes, hiking, gardening, or hanging out with my two beautiful cats (who also happen to have silly human names).

Marlee Ellison

Senior Editor
Photo of Frances Gordon
All I need is coffee, cats, and chocolate. Like most New Zealanders, I love Marmite on toast, 3 a.m. rugby matches on TV, and calling flip-flops "jandals."

Frances Gordon

Senior Content Strategist
Photo of Kyle Kelley
I enjoy crafting content to be the best it can be. I also enjoy spending time with my family, songwriting, recording, and hiking.

Kyle Kelley

Senior Content Strategist
Photo of Joshua Mosley
Words are cool. I like sports, TV, and breakfast food at any time of the day. Seriously, let’s go get an omelet.

Joshua Mosley

Senior Editor
Photo of Lindsey Poenie
Outside of my daily role as a marketer, I'm known as a few other things: cat lover, Ryan Gosling adorer, book lover, "Real Housewives" watcher, and an obsessive proponent of all things Kentucky-related.

Lindsey Poenie

Senior Account Strategist
Photo of Morgan Williams
Outside of my love for strategically working with my team and our clients, you can find me pushing my caffeine limits at quaint coffee shops, geeking out to nutrition and fitness podcasts, forcing my love on my 90-pound lapdog, or settling into my new role as my husband’s biggest hype woman.

Morgan Williams

Senior Account Strategist
Photo of Chelsea Branscum
Like the true Texan that I am, nothing can brighten my day like some chips and salsa paired with a fresh margarita. When I’m not creating content, you can find me learning a new baking technique, watching The Office for the 8th time, or perusing the aisles of Target.

Chelsea Branscum

Creative Strategist
Photo of Kevin Carlson
A child who grew up reading the dictionary for fun turned into an adult-sized boy who obsesses over syllables, synonyms[,] and syntax. Devout Oxford comma detractor and Cardinals baseball radio listener.

Kevin Carlson

Photo of Brooke Collier
I am a lifelong learner who's ready to dive into a new topic at a moment’s notice (which is why I keep a notebook on me at all times). I most enjoy getting dinner with friends, curling up with a good book, and binge-watching the latest Netflix Original.

Brooke Collier

Content Strategist
Photo of Sarah Hopfinger
I love great people, products, and ideas, but I love compelling content that effectively communicates those things even more. I pretend I'm not a content marketing nerd by riding my motorcycle, grilling, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

Sarah Hopfinger

Account Strategist
Photo of Jeremy Doherty
You will never find a more devoted foe of imprecise, drab writing. I devour caffeine, news blogs and heavy metal.

Jeremy Doherty

Content Strategist
Photo of Jenna Fear
I have always loved the inner workings of language and diving deep into the rules of grammar, style, and usage. My other passions include dogs (specifically my very large dog, Lucy), live music, and all things '90s.

Jenna Fear

Photo of Susan Goedde
Charlie Chaplin said it best: “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” which is why I love sitcoms. I also love reading and spending time with my family. A total foodie, I am always on the lookout for the next great restaurant.

Susan Goedde

Content Strategist
Photo of Aaron Heathman
Getting to know the clients and learning more about them is my favorite thing about Influence & Co.! Outside of work, I am at the gym, binge-watching a Netflix series, or talking your ear off about Chiefs football!

Aaron Heathman

Account Strategist
Photo of Laura Heck
I’m a dog person who ended up with two cats and a fish named Relish. After work, you can probably find me at the library or playing games with my partner, Cory, and little dude, Jude. I believe bookmarks are for quitters.

Laura Heck

Photo of McKayla Helm
I'm a fangirl, board gamer, and makeup-lover who can write right and edit even better. If you need me, I'll be trying new subscription boxes and buying plush toys to add to my collection.

McKayla Helm

Photo of Bri Hickman
I enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, and learning about new and creative ways to distribute content. Three words to describe me? Sarcasm, sitcoms, and sandwiches. When I'm not binge-watching "Friends," I love cooking, trying new restaurants, traveling, and stopping people to pet their dog!

Bri Hickman

Account Strategist
Photo of Matthias McManus
Strategic communication is at the core of who I am. Building meaningful relationships, crafting content, and outlining the foundation for our clients' marketing strategy are what get me excited to come to work every day. I'm a swammer, photographer, and LGBTQ+ advocate, and I definitely consume too much social media.

Matthias McManus

Content Strategist
Photo of Kendra Ruether
Don't ask me about my opinion on the Oxford comma — it's complicated, but I do love a good em dash. When I'm not editing, I can be found drinking a cup of tea, reading multiple books at a time(,) and watching "The Office."

Kendra Ruether

Photo of Louise Sarver
My perfect Saturday is full of time spent outside with my dog, biking around town, cooking something crazy, or watching "The Office" (again and again and again). If I’m not doing any of those, you can find me reading true crime books and babbling on about celebrity chefs.

Louise Sarver

Account Strategist
Photo of Jasmine Serrano
Sometimes a rose is just a rose, but man, do I love it when it’s something else. I’m always looking to connect dots and uncover insights, but when my mind needs a break, you can find me bingeing true crime docs, baking banana bread, or Googling “sushi near me.”

Jasmine Serrano

Content Strategist
Photo of Taylor Todd
I am equal parts love of books, politics, coffee, '90s sitcoms, NPR, and Christmas music. And the Oxford comma. And, apparently, incomplete sentences for the sake of emphasis.

Taylor Todd

Photo of Scott Trausch
I'm passionate about making good ideas better and finding the ideal music to complement a mood. After work, you can catch me between the record store and the gym.

Scott Trausch

Content Strategist

Business Development & Marketing

Our business development/marketing team is all about getting our name out there. This team of extroverts loves starting your journey with Influence & Co. out on the right foot.

Photo of Sara Koller
I'm a nerd at heart with a background in biochemistry and an adoration for articles. I enjoy getting lost in the woods, old record players, exploring new places, and attempting to paint (heavy on the word “attempting”).

Sara Koller

Director of Partnerships
Photo of Cherish Grimm
I love the St. Louis Cardinals, Mr. Pibb, and Reese's. My favorite things to do are spend time with my family, play outside, and wrestle with my Great Dane.

Cherish Grimm

Vice President
Photo of Brittni Ratliff
I like my coffee black, my whiskey straight, and travel when I can afford it. I think most people just want to feel heard, and I’m happy to comply. I've also taken a sworn oath to never eat sushi.

Brittni Ratliff

Vice President
Photo of Natalie Stezovsky
I enjoy riding horses, helping entrepreneurs creatively achieve success, and eating chocolate (sometimes simultaneously). My love of coffee helps fuel my passions for continuing education and technology.

Natalie Stezovsky

Vice President
Photo of Lauren Tellman
I'm a content-obsessed word person with a passion for finding the coziest coffee shop in town. In my downtime, you can find me reading a book, sipping a latte, getting artsy, or watching "The Office" for the zillionth time.

Lauren Tellman

Director of Content
Photo of Robert Watson
I'm constantly fascinated by the written word in all its forms. Outside of crafting content at Influence & Co., I enjoy guitars, vintage Polaroids, camping with my family, and a good pair of boots.

Robert Watson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Media Relations

Our media relations team loves everything about online publications. This team works directly with the managing editors, reporters, and contributors at the hundreds of publications that we have relationships with to ensure our clients' articles are published and secure press mentions about the businesses.

Photo of Melanie Janisse
I love finding new publications! I am a runner and wine enthusiast. I use entirely too many exclamation points!

Melanie Janisse

Senior Director of Media Relations
Photo of Katherine Caraway
As a senior publication strategist, my life revolves around great content. When I'm not playing with my dogs or chasing around my toddler, you can probably find me curled up with a good book somewhere.

Katherine Caraway

Senior Publication Strategist
Photo of Craig Jaworski
I love connecting to the past, present, and future through great storytelling. I spend most of my time quoting movies, and I have been personally victimized by Regina George.

Craig Jaworski

Senior Publications Strategist
Photo of Meagan Nolte
(they/she) Your friendly neighborhood content lover, currently dipping my toes (er, thumbs?) into indoor plant life and astrology. I’m a social justice and LGBTQ+ advocate, cat parent, and dad joke maker.

Meagan Nolte

Senior Publication Strategist
Photo of Maddie Hirsch
I love cold-brew coffee, dogs, breakfast foods, watching crime dramas, puns, and checking off tasks on my to-do list. Sometimes life is a PR pitch, but I love having the opportunity to tell our clients' stories to the media each day.

Maddie Hirsch

PR & Media Relations Strategist


From the software that we use every day to fun team-bonding activities, this group makes all of the magic happen behind the scenes to ensure that the Influence & Co. team has everything that we need to thrive in a happy and healthy work environment.

Photo of Kaity Baker
I am a lover of organization and number crunching. Throw in a chocolate chip cookie, a good slice of pizza, and some ‘90s country, and I'm in my happy place.

Kaity Baker

Photo of Emily Datz
I’m a content enthusiast who loves to bring people together and support my teammates' personal and professional growth. If I’m not in the office, I’m probably listening to a podcast, reading, or playing board games with my husband.

Emily Datz

Professional Development Coordinator
Photo of Erin Holm
I am a lover of all things KC, live music, and outdoor drinking (or any combination of the three). I'm always looking out for the best interests of my teammates, as well as opportunities to seamlessly slip a Michael Scott quote into conversations.

Erin Holm

Director of Talent Acquisition

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