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Our Team of Content Marketing Experts

We are a passionate group of marketers, SEO experts, writers, strategists, editors, and creatives. With backgrounds ranging from journalism to government to education to tech, we tackle the world of content marketing from all angles.

How We Work Together

The Influence & Co. team works collaboratively across departments to help our clients achieve their business goals through strategic content marketing.

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Account Services

Each client is assigned a dedicated account team. This team works together to provide a personalized experience to best serve clients.

  • The account strategist directs the overall strategy and communication between the account team and the client.
  • The content strategist develops content topics that work toward the client's goals and determines distribution outlets.
  • The editor is responsible for the written content, ensuring it matches the client's voice and the target publication's editorial guidelines. Our editors edit the content prior to sharing it with the client for approval, and if the client has keyword research in its package, the editor also optimizes the content with relevant keywords.
  • The managing editor is the final stop before content is distributed. This role is responsible for taking a fine-tooth comb to each piece of content to ensure it contains no grammatical errors and reads accurately.
  • The director of account services supports the account team and makes sure both our clients and our account teams are successful. Each director of account services manages two to three account teams.
  • The creative strategist brings visuals to clients' content. For any clients with designed deliverables in their packages, such as infographics or whitepapers, the creative strategist works with account team members to create beautiful designs that complement the company's branding and style.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team ensures our client relationships are set up to deliver comprehensive, measurable results. These SEO experts perform content audits, keyword research, and reporting to help our account teams create high-performing content that drives tangible results for clients.


Media Relations


The media relations team includes two primary roles:

  • PR strategists maintain relationships with journalists, reporters, and columnists to secure press opportunities for clients. Each client with press mentions or press retainers in its package has a PR strategist who works closely with the account team.
  • Publication strategists develop industry- and audience-specific publication relationships. They regularly monitor analytics on content performance at those publications and help account teams strategize the best placement opportunities. Each client with guest-contributed articles in its package has a primary publication strategist assigned to its account.

Account Team FAQs

  • We select an account team during the onboarding process after a signed agreement is in place.

  • Our directors of account services — the managers of our account teams — will meet with our VP of account services to determine the best team for each individual client's specific needs.

  • No, but once you are introduced to your account team members, you are welcome to view their LinkedIn profiles and discuss their experience during your kickoff meeting.

  • There is at least one senior-level member on every account team who has gone through additional training and certification in their role. The average tenure across our team is over four years.

I have been working with the Influence & Co. team for years, and they are always proactive and flexible, offer great suggestions based on my business's needs, and are up-to-speed on the most current and effective ways to move my business forward.

Devin O'Loughlin

Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Communications Officer at RAPP

We’ve been nothing but impressed with our experience thus far with Influence & Co. Their approach and especially our account team have been remarkable. They have made us think differently and more holistically about our digital and content strategies. In a short time, they’ve become the standard to which we compare and evaluate other future partners.

Amy Glass

Director of Marketing and Communications at CTG

If we didn't use Influence & Co.'s services, what would we have to do? We would need to hire a dedicated PR person because I don't have the bandwidth at the moment to do it, and we'd need that person to have all the existing relationships. And that's a very hard person to find and a person who would cost a ton of money. I certainly see the value of the service that Influence & Co. provides. The team just continues to be very, very strong. I'm enjoying it.

Patrick Ward

Marketing Manager at Dogtown Media

I absolutely adore Influence & Co.! If everyone were as good at their jobs as Influence & Co., not only would they LOVE Sunday nights, but the world would also work so much better!

Tracey Wik

VP of Business Strategy at Harrison Assessments

    Company Leadership

    Photo of Kelsey Raymond
    I have a passion for building the credibility of companies and individuals. I love what I do, mostly because of the talented group I have the pleasure of working with every day.

    Kelsey Raymond

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Photo of Alyssa Patzius
    My goal is to create an amazing experience for our prospects and clients from their very first interaction with our brand. My happy place is anywhere with good wine and cheese.

    Alyssa Patzius

    Chief Operating Officer
    Photo of Jennifer Faddis
    I'm a hopeless bookworm seeking to satisfy my inquisitive nature. I adore my family, coffee, and watching a thunderstorm roll in.

    Jennifer Faddis

    Vice President of Account Services
    Photo of Becky Ruyle
    I am a wife and mom to two beautiful girls, and I am a big Missouri sports fan and lover of sushi. I have a passion for using marketing to educate, tell stories, and drive business results.

    Becky Ruyle

    Vice President of Marketing
    Photo of Courtney Mudd
    I love the diversity of my career. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, which enable me to constantly learn and grow as a professional.

    Courtney Mudd

    Director of Human Resources
    Photo of Tony Patrick
    I'm passionate about digital marketing, particularly SEO. I enjoy sports, traveling, the Lake of the Ozarks, spending time with family and friends, and whatever else life throws my way.

    Tony Patrick

    Director of Digital Marketing
    Photo of Jose Rodriguez
    I am a bilingual accountant and soccer fan who enjoys movies, Netflix, warm weather, running, black coffee, hanging out with friends, and being a family man!

    Jose Rodriguez

    Director of Financial Operations

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