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Thanks for stopping by! We're so glad you're interested in contributing to
The Knowledge Bank.


The Knowledge Bank provides insights to fuel your content marketing strategy. We're all about creating content that helps content marketers do their jobs better and reach their goals.

If you have exceptional writing or design skills coupled with deep marketing expertise, we'd love to hear from you!

Take some time to review the information below — it will let you in on everything you'll need to know about what kind of content we're looking for and what the submission process looks like.

Happy reading!


Content Themes

Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency that specializes in helping companies meet their business goals through content. Our passion for thought leadership runs deep, so we're always looking for more ways to provide high-quality insights into the subjects that marketers want to know more about, including SEO, content marketing, social media, etc. (Note: We are not accepting content from other digital marketing agencies.)


Types of Posts

To engage our audience, we're looking for some specific types of content:

  • Actionable insights:
    These posts provide readers with in-depth, actionable advice that's supported by relevant and current examples and data. Readers should be able to walk away from these posts able to immediately apply what they've learned. These posts can be 800-1,000 words, all of which must be concrete and unique.

  • Experiment/analysis:
    These posts provide readers with information on new marketing approaches or fascinating insights. Maybe you ran a marketing experiment that hadn't been done before, or maybe you analyzed customer data and found unexpected insights that would be valuable for others to know about. These posts should include recent data and concrete examples, explanations of each step of the process, and actionable takeaways for readers. These posts can be 800-1,000 words, all of which must be concrete and unique.

  • Research:
    Have you or your company performed proprietary research that would help marketers do their jobs better? Research posts should provide readers with key insights from your study and offer up actionable ways they can use those insights to market more successfully. These posts can be 800-1,500 words, all of which must be concrete and unique.

  • Graphics: 
    These visual posts contain an infographic that's created by the author. There should be 1-3 paragraphs to introduce the graphic content. The graphic should provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, be a compelling read, be easy to follow, and feature recent data that's properly sourced. The designs should be clean, with plenty of white space. The graphic mustn't be published elsewhere online.


Content Guidelines

All of the blog posts on The Knowledge Bank must follow these guidelines:

  • Check our blog to make sure there aren't other posts on the same topic, and make sure your post takes a fresh angle and tells readers something new.
  • Speak to B2B marketers with a high-level understanding of marketing.
  • Provide unique, actionable, educational advice.
  • Root your advice in recent data (within the past two years) and original insights, and provide credit by hyperlinking to original sources.
  • Abide by the word count guidelines listed within each content type above.
  • Be conversational and engaging, and go easy on the jargon.
  • Submit original content that's exclusive to The Knowledge Bank (no repurposed or rewritten work, please).
  • While talking about your experience and what your company does is good, don't overtly promote your business or its services, and make sure your company's services aren't the only obvious solution to a problem or pain point.
  • You may include up to two links to educational resources on your own website. Please don't include landing page links or homepage links that don't add value for readers.
  • Disclose any relationships or partnerships you have with the sources or examples used in the article.

How to Submit Your
Guest Content

Please fill out the contact form. Provide us with the completed draft or a detailed pitch by uploading a Word doc.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions. If you don't hear from us within two weeks of your submission, you are free to pitch your article to other outlets.

All submissions must meet Influence & Co.'s quality standards in order to be published.

The Influence & Co. team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest post as it sees fit and update the post in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Influence & Co. reserves the right to include calls to action and links within your guest post to other Influence & Co. content, including (but not limited to) e-books, whitepapers, case studies, pillar posts, blog posts, guest-contributed articles, email newsletters, and other downloadable content.

Influence & Co. may share your content accompanied by your photo on social media channels and in emails.

If you republish your guest post to your blog, LinkedIn, or Medium after it's published on The Knowledge Bank, please include the following disclosure at the top, with "The Knowledge Bank" linked back to the original post on our site: This article was originally published on The Knowledge Bank.

I'd like to contribute to The Knowledge Bank!


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