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Influence & Co. empowers brands to create authentic engagement with their customers or prospects. Our goal is to craft a strategy that uses high-value, original content to enhance the lifetime value of your customers — and engage the customer segment you’ve been after for years. We aim to add value to your potential clients, knowing that if you do, those individuals will become loyal customers — and advocates — for your brand.

Why You Need Content Marketing

Content is the fuel that will propel your growth. You know that educating your customers will result in shorter sales cycles, better customer service, and fewer complaints. You need to produce content in order to gain those advantages.

Why You Need Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. is a turnkey publishing department designed to fuel your existing marketing efforts. Our team of editors, content strategists, and writers can design a custom content plan to foster engagement and more meaningful relationships with your clients.

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Learn how your brand can be engaging your audience and giving itself a secure, long-term competitive edge over the rest of the industry: with authentic relationships.

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