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We work with Yeti to showcase their leadership team's expertise in cutting-edge technologies and position their agency as a leader in this space.

Target Audience

Senior-level decision makers for products, technology, and innovation. 

About Yeti

Yeti builds products that connect the physical and digital worlds by partnering with organizations that seek to solve customersproblems through technology. Yeti specializes in product strategy, software design, and research and development. The company works with clients to develop products — from ideation to launch — and provide training and post-launch support to users.

Goals With Influence & Co.

Create brand awareness for Yeti and position the company's key employees as experts in the industry
Build up Yeti's library of owned media by creating content for the company's blog, as well marketing collateral like whitepapers
Showcase Yeti’s abilities and expertise regarding product strategy, software design, and research and development.
“[My Influence & Co. team has] been incredibly professional, and the quality of the writing has been far superior to the prior vendors we’ve worked with. Our team really enjoys working with them. They are a great complement to my business.”


President and Founding Partner at Yeti

Our partnership and Problems to solve

Yeti began working with Influence & Co. because their team wanted to create thought leadership content to position himself and Yeti as credible experts. They hoped to secure regular features in popular publications to build brand awareness for Yeti and establish its team members as thought leaders in the industry.

Those unfamiliar with Yeti sometimes think of the company simply as a development shop and do not know that Yeti has all the capabilities of a typical software development studio, including the knowledge and capabilities involved in product strategy and design.

Influence & Co. works with Yeti to showcase its product strategy and design expertise, particularly in cutting-edge verticals such as chatbots, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more.



Yeti’s deliverables have evolved as its services, needs, team, technology, and customer pain points have. Initially, we worked with Tony on a package that included two guest-contributed articles per month.

Content focused on values Yeti builds into every tech product it produces, including building human-centered technology, accepting and addressing product failure, and bringing a startup mentality to enterprises and the future of technology. This focus helped highlight Yeti’s abilities and expertise regarding product strategy, showcasing its strengths as a partner.

As Yeti grew and geared up for larger projects, our focus moved from product strategy expertise to generating more brand awareness for Yeti’s services. To help support the earned media, it was important to build up Yetis owned media and its proprietary educational materials by generating more marketing collateral. Hence, we added delivery of four blog posts per month and one whitepaper per quarter.

Yeti shifted its strategy once again to include two more thought leaders. The company removed two blog posts and added one more piece of earned media per month to leverage the expertise of Rudy, EVP of tech and founding partner, and Mike Godlewski, then senior designer.

Through these efforts, we continue to seek opportunities to highlight potential leads and industry experts who can help grow Yeti’s clientele. We also optimize article headlines, whitepapers, and blog posts for the most popular and trafficked keywords related to article subjects so Yeti can continue to hone its internal content for specific keyword campaigns.

Highlight Content



Yeti utilizes our partnership to solidify placement in reputable publications for brand awareness and credibility, to see performance and share numbers increase, to assist and amplify its SEO keyword campaigns, to help its sales team address customer pain points and questions, and to nurture and educate leads.



Yeti is able to utilize the content we’ve created to apply for speaking opportunities and awards. Tony was considered for a judgeship position by UX Magazine for its annual awards because of this article, “Conversational Interface is the New Face of Your Apps,” that was published on the UX Magazine website. 

He was also given the opportunity to speak at the IOT West conference on the strength of his TechCrunch article.




Through our partnership, Yeti has published 70 pieces of published content across 44 publications (including ReadWrite, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Recode, and many niche sites), earning more than 18,000 shares and reaching an audience of more than 48 million readers on social platforms.

It also has the distinction of creating some of the most highly shared articles on marquee technology sites, such as TechCrunch. Yeti’s “Virtual reality is about to go mainstream, but a lack of content threatens to hold it backreceived 1,072 shares.

Yeti’s content consistently beats publications’ share counts by hundreds of percentage points. This Memeburn article, for instance, topped the publication’s average share count by 700 percent.



Yeti has used the content we’ve helped it create to form relationships with multiple large organizations. 

After reading Tony’s Observer article, Let’s Make DMVs and Other Agencies Less Painful With Chatbots,” the deputy director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles reached out to Yeti for a partnership.

The company has received third-party validation from big influencers, such as the BBC, which shared out this whitepaper we created together.

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