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Q Manning +
Michael Manning

at Rocksauce Studios

Target Audience

Small business leaders, appreneurs, and tech enthusiasts who are seeking guidance on developing apps, boosting employee motivation, handling internal dynamics challenges, or seeking positive cultures for future employment.

About Rocksauce Studios

Rocksauce Studios is a creative and tech agency that specializes in app development. Its services include ideation; technology planning; market research; strategy; blueprint UX; creative design and artwork; iOS, Android, and web development; and assisting in and facilitating successful app launches. They work with a variety of clients from appreneurs, agencies and side-by-side with innovation teams at multi-billion dollar corporations with one goal in mind: creating happiness.

Goals With Influence & Co.

Present Rocksauce Studios’ brand and mission of creating happiness from within to drive employee retention and customer loyalty.
Provide guidance to entrepreneurs, appreneurs, startup teams, and small business leaders on building a positive company culture and offering incredible customer service.
Establish Rocksauce Studios as the recognized industry leader in building amazing mobile experiences for brands, leveraging Rocksauce Studios’ internal expertise as an asset that makes the company unique in its field.

Michael Manning

CRO at Rocksauce Studios

"Our partnership with Influence & Co started with a need to become thought leaders in the technology industry. We were working on various strategies in the Public Relations space, but nothing really felt right until we met the Influence & Co team."

our partnership and Problems to solve

Rocksauce Studios partnered with us to create thought leadership content that would help establish the company as an industry leader in building mobile experiences for brands and position its CEO and CRO as experts in the worlds of tech, creative development, user experience, and mobile. It would also present these leaders as experts in effectively running an app development company and managing its employees.

Its secondary focus was to showcase its knowledge on rapidly growing technology, which is creating more and more possibilities for product offerings. These factors create confusion for its audience of appreneurs and tech enthusiasts, who need guidance on what the various platforms capabilities are and how and why they should use them for diverse applications.

Highlight Content






In order to achieve these goals, we focused on creating three guest-contributed articles per month, targeting key publications that Rocksauce Studios audience of entrepreneurs, appreneurs, startups, and small business leaders read. The cadence of three articles a month helped establish consistency in the brand’s content, emphasizing trends and predictions within the industry, including what it takes to build amazing mobile experiences for brands. It also showcased Rocksauce StudiosCEO’s and CROs abilities to educate others on building a positive company culture and offering incredible customer service.


Through our partnership, Rocksauce Studioshas published more than 90 pieces of content across 42 publications (including VentureBeat, UX Magazine, The Next Web, Mashable, and Entrepreneur), earning more than 37,000 shares and reaching an audience of more than 63 million readers on social platforms.




Rocksauce Studios is able to measure the success of its guest-contributed articles to determine which pieces should be repurposed for its blog, increasing its owned media and the on-site education it offers to its audience.

increased partnerships


Through this partnership, Rocksauce Studios has been able to leverage its placement in these outside publications by effectively distributing its articles via social media and creating a top tier for its inbound funnel that leads engaged and interested audience members back to its website, where the company has been able to convert them into new clients.

Social Engagement


Top UX Predictions for 2016,” a UX Magazine article to which Rocksauce Studios contributed, received more than 3,300 social shares, which is 2,353.7 percent higher than the average number of shares an article receives at that publication.


Michael Manning

CRO at Rocksauce Studios

“Since we’ve been working with Influence & Co. to increase the visibility of Rocksauce Studios through my thought leadership and that of Q Manning, our CEO, we have seen a considerable uptick in brand recognition. This has gone a long way toward building credibility with the clients and brands we want to work with. Our clout has definitely grown over the time we have worked with Influence & Co. and had placements in VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, and Mashable.

Overall, the work we have done together has helped us grow as business leaders and influencers in the app development space. The Influence & Co. team always knows which placements are going to assist in our growth and expand our brand visibility.

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