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Dan Wesley | Founder and CEO
at Quote.com

Target Audience

Consumers seeking information about improving their financial issues, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners focused on financial responsibility.

About quote.com

Quote.com serves as a gateway for consumers seeking auto insurance and solar energy providers. It gives consumers access to quotes from leading companies within those two industries so consumers may make the best, most informed decisions when selecting a provider.

Goals With Influence & Co.

Drive awareness of and visibility for DebtConsolidation.com, CreditLoan.com, and Quote.com within the market.
Diversify Quote.coms customer base by expanding and broadening its article topics and, therefore, its online publication options.
Reinforce the expertise of Dan Wesley, founder and CEO, in the personal finance industry, particularly as a leader in credit loans, credit cards, student loans, and debt issues.

dan wesley

Chief Evangelist at Quote.com

"Working with Influence & Co. has allowed us to break through the social media ceiling and find our way to the desks of editors at Forbes, Mashable, Inc., The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, just to name a few. With the expertise of Morgan and her team, we have benefited from reaching an audience we otherwise may not have reached so quickly and efficiently. From the software platform to the ease of relating our stories to the Influence & Co. editors, we are now a part of the conversation with publishers who have the exact market we              needed to reach."

our partnership and Problems to solve

Quote.com partnered with us to create thought leadership content that would help establish the company as an industry leader in all things insurance quote-related. It would also position its CEO and founder, Dan Wesley, as an industry expert in insurance, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Its secondary focus was to bring awareness to CreditLoan.com by targeting publications that specifically appeal to an audience of tech enthusiasts.

Highlight Content






To achieve these goals, we created four guest-contributed articles per month. This allowed us to consistently target specific publications that tapped into Quote.com’s key audience base, such as Entrepreneur and Forbes Tech Council. This monthly deliverable cadence also enabled us to target content at other publications on Dan’s “wish list,” allowing us to broaden his topics and discussions so we could diversify Quote.com’s consumer base.


Through our partnership, Quote.com has published 182 pieces of content across 78 publications (including Forbes, Mashable, Inc., The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur), earning 155,000 shares and reaching an audience of 106 million readers on social platforms. 



Through this partnership, Quote.com is able to evaluate which pieces of content resonate most with its audience, informing the focus of its content strategy and allowing the brand to determine which topics to continue to explore.

social engagement


A Mashable article the brand contributed to, “9 marketing mistakes that make you look like a rookie,” received 8,340 total social shares, which is 1,121.1 percent higher than the average number of shares an article receives at that publication.



Quote.com utilizes our partnership to solidify its placement in reputable publications, increasing brand awareness and credibility with its core audiences.

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