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Erik Huberman +
Tony Delmercado

at Hawke Media

Target Audience

Marketers and business leaders; entrepreneurs and startup leaders; and business leaders in the e-commerce industry

About Hawke Media

Hawke Media considers itself your company’s “outsourced CMO.” It provides its clients with tailored marketing and media solutions through its expertise in branding, email marketing, media planning and buying, and web design.

Goals With Influence & Co.

Promote Hawke Media's CEO’s and COO’s personal brands, and thus the company brand
Educate Hawke Media's target audiences on key industry trends that the company’s executives,
as experts, could lead the conversation on
Increase Hawke Media's
online exposure
“The ICo team is without a doubt one of the most hassle-free and most productive agencies we have worked with. As a company, we grasped the idea there is new content, owned content, and found new ways to get our name out there. Working with Influence & Co. is a very nimble process, and as often as we change our strategy, to work with a team that is able to work within that flexibility is key for us.”

EriK Huberman

CEO at Hawke Media

Highlight Content

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It was important for us to first build some earned authority online for CEO Erik Huberman and COO Tony Delmercado. To establish a healthy, consistent online presence, Hawke enrolled in our Executive Branding package. The package includes two pieces a month of earned media, consisting of a mix of entrepreneurial content and marketing and e-commerce topics to ensure we target the appropriate audiences. We also established a dual focus on impressive publications to help build credibility and impactful publications to really zero in on Hawke Media’s specific audience and to drive potential clients back to its site.


“Formalizing my thoughts/philosophies has helped further refine and improve some of our processes and company culture as I articulate the things we’re doing well and what pitfalls to avoid in emulating some of the same programs.”

Tony Delmercado

COO at Hawke Media


Erik and Tony combined have bylined more than 160 articles. We’ve landed each a column on Entrepreneur, making them regular contributors to a well-known and credible publication that reaches one of their core audiences. Their articles have garnered more than 99,000 social shareshave averaged about 617 shares per article, and have attained a social reach of about 99 million. Through these efforts with us, Erik and Tony have managed to lead industry conversations in 54 publications. 

Industry leadership


Through this partnership, Erik has been able to consistently produce content and prove to peers, followers, and potential clients that he’s an industry leader with his finger on the pulse of industry trends. 

Social Validation


They both have seen their content serve as a great social validation tool and lead to increases in PR opportunities. Because their content is so robust and widespread, they’ve managed to use it in their hiring process to grow their team and retain high-quality talent.



Tony sees our partnership as a valuable accountability tool. We have helped him prioritize fresh content and have challenged him to continuously think critically and consciously about what his position demands.

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