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acceleration partners

We help position Acceleration Partners as thought leaders and experts in
the performance marketing space, including affiliate and influencer marketing.

Target Audience

Marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with a secondary audience of potential employees and existing clients and partners.

About acceleration partners

Acceleration Partners is an award-winning affiliate marketing agency focused on delivering brand-aligned, customer acquisition programs for the world’s largest brands. Their Performance Partnerships™ approach is a powerful framework for enhancing partner relationships and managing them at scale.

Goals With Influence & Co.


Position Acceleration Partners’ as thought leaders and experts in the performance marketing space, including affiliate and influencer marketing.


Continue to promote and create awareness for “Performance Partnerships,” the new book by Bob Glazer, Acceleration Partners’ primary thought leader, and secure more speaking engagements for Bob on the topic of true performance marketing.



Continue to position the Acceleration Partners’ team as thought leaders and experts on general business topics, including company culture, growth, talent recruitment, and employee retention.


bob glAzer

Founder and Managing Director at Acceleration Partners

"The Influence & Co. team genuinely cares about helping us get our thought leadership out to the right audiences at the right time. They approach each interaction with a solution-oriented mindset and really listen to what our needs and objectives are. In our content discussions, they are also respectful of time and structure calls to be as efficient and productive as possible. Their system is professional, strategic, and focused on adding value to their clients and publishing partners."

Our partnership and Problems to solve

We help Acceleration Partners create thought leadership content to promote Bob’s book, “Performance Partnerships,” as well as create content that further establishes Bob as a leader within the affiliate and influencer marketing spaces, spreading his knowledge on true performance marketing and educating his audience members on how these methods can benefit their strategies and lead to more customer acquisition for their companies.

Our dual focus is to further the credibility of Acceleration Partners’ other business leaders within the industry, adding to the depth of the company’s credibility.

Highlight Content








In order to achieve these goals, we focus on creating three guest-contributed articles per month, targeting key publications that Acceleration Partners’ audience of marketing leaders, CMOs, business development professionals, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and publishers reads. This cadence allows us to consistently focus on each thought leader, creating topics that position each as an expert in general business and the performance marketing space, including affiliate and influencer marketing. We also focused on promoting the key term “performance partnerships” by linking to one of Acceleration Partners’ relevant blog posts in its published articles and using the anchor text “performance partnerships.” This is an ongoing strategy that will continue to promote Bob’s book and contribute to making Acceleration Partners the owner of that term.


Through our partnership, Acceleration Partners has published more than 145 pieces of content across 69 publications (including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, HubSpot, Success Magazine, and Adweek),earning more than 62,000 shares and reaching an audience of more than 70 million readers on social platforms. The company was so impressed by the results it saw from Bob’s content that it expanded its account to include a second and third thought leader, Laurie Cutts, Acceleration Partners' VP of Marketing, and Matt Wool, Acceleration Partners' General Manager.

Search VisIbility


We helped Acceleration Partners create over 15 guest-contributed articles that included at least one in-text link back to Acceleration Partners site, increasing its SEO, website traffic, and lead generation.

successful syndication and press mentions


Entrepreneur repurposed Bob’s article in The Huffington Post (YEC), “How to Lead Versus Manage, to Improve Your Team’s Success,” which resulted in it being Bob’s most shared article of the year.

social engagement


The majority of Acceleration Partners articles have performed at or above the average of articles in the publications they were placed in, demonstrating the brand’s ability to create content that resonates with its target audiences.


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